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The course introduces students to the teaching of language and literacy to children from birth to eight years.  Students acquire knowledge of how young children use the skills and components of language.  Students explore and begin to apply teaching strategies that will enable young children to develop these skills and components. They explore strategies for modifying instruction to meet the needs of children from diverse social, cultural, economic and linguistic backgrounds and with varying levels of ability.        

Managing the regular and multigrade classroom is designed to train student teachers to be professionally prepared to handle both the regular and multigrade classroom.  Student-teachers will be exposed to the necessary knowledge and skills and will be equipped with a variety of techniques and strategies that will help them to effectively organize the learner and the learning environment in both regular and multigrade learning situations.

The course is designed to help students decide whether teaching could be a satisfying career for them.  The exploratory nature of the course will provide the necessary knowledge base for students to make an informed decision in their career development. It is practically oriented to combine theoretical study with authentic teaching/learning experiences.  It provides for students to engage in active and interactive learning through a variety of methods.  The course goals are intended to develop students’ independent critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making abilities to empower them as lifelong learners that are reflective, creative, effective, ethical, and moral professionals.  Some questions explored in this course include:  What is education, its purpose, and functions? Who should be teachers? What are the roles and responsibilities of educators?  How can teachers prepare themselves in terms of their knowledge, methodologies, and practical abilities?  What are some important issues one need to consider when choosing teaching as a career? How can teachers face the challenges of a changing and culturally diverse society?     

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