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Today, schools are viewed as complex organizations to lead and manage. The school principal is seen as a leader and manager with multi-faceted roles and functions requiring a wide range of skills. It is widely agreed that a Key Factor affecting schools Efficiency and Effectiveness is the quality of the leadership provided by our school leaders. This course will focus on selected aspects of organizational and collaborative leadership with specific reference to the Quality Child-Friendly Schools Framework. The application of QCFS principles on school management, leadership for staff development, leadership for teacher supervision, and leadership and the law. All approaches for the inclusion of all stakeholders in the transformation of our schools into Quality, Child-friendly Schools.

This course serves as an introduction to the teacher preparation program in Belize. It is a beginning social foundations course for first year students who are considering teaching as a profession and who are seeking better understanding about the complexity and importance of education. This course will provide students with an introduction to the field of education, focusing primarily on the nature and importance of the teaching profession, and discuss the current challenges and requirements for the profession. It will enable students to explore the historical, social, cultural, philosophical, and technological foundations of education in Belize. It provides the opportunity for students to be introduced to and become conversant with the current documents which outline our Education Rules and understand them in the light of legislative authority.

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